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Product Name:MT-501
Product Model:MT-501
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Digital Thermometer (Soft Tip)

Model: MT-501


The flexible digital thermometer provides quick, highly accurate reading over the body temperature range. It is easy to read with LCD display and is also equipped with beep alarm and memory function. With flexible tips, it is suitable to children and adult use in home and in hospital.


 3242.9 (90.0-109.9)


  ±0.1 35.542.0 (±0.2 95.9-107.6)


 ±0.2 under 35.5 or above 42.0(±0.4 under 95.9


 At standard room temperature 22 (71.6)


 Liquid crystal display, 3 1/2


 One 1.55V button size battery

 Power consumption:

 0.15 milliwatts in measurement

 Battery life:

 More than 200 hours


 Approx. 10 grams


 Approx. 10 seconds sound signal when peak temperat


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