KR-100A Automatic Pressure

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Product Name:KR-100A Automatic Pressure
Product Model:KR-100A Automatic Pressure
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Automatic Pressure Tourniquet
Model: KR-100A

Suitable scope:
The product is suitable for stanching bleeding in surgical operation
Function of product: The machine selects for the key components of original air pump which is from USA and pressure sensor. Meanwhile, it is using the technique of chip microcomputer control.
Character of instrument:
1. Operated by computer which has the function of automatically making up leak pressure and it can be constant the scope of setting up work load.
2. According to the different circumstances in operation the pressure of tourniquet can be increase or decrease constantly.
3. The working times if flexible when it reaches at the fixed time, and the pressure will be automatic decline rapidly.
4. The air pump changes enough air quickly is because of preventing a vast amount of blood, had fulled of the vein before the artery has closed up.
5. The pressure time is displayed by plasma to be so that they will be clear at a glance.
6. The tourniquet bandage is artistic, durable comfortable and will not become less crowed. At the same time, the tourniquet bandage may reduce the injured nerves and muscle.
7. The product could dispose the internal power which is easy to carry about.
Technical parameters:
Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50HZ±2% or DC12V;  Power:25W
Range of timing: 0~120min; Range of pressure: 0~100kpa; Pressure error: ≤1%

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