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Product Name:BP830W
Product Model:BP830W
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Wrist Type Digital Blood Pressure Meter
Model: BP830W

Wrist type blood pressure monitor with added functions. Compact, portable and accurate.
Equipped with HAD (Heart Arrhythmia detection) technology for an early recognition of heart arrhythmias.
? Blood pressure & pulse measurement
? Blood pressure analyzer software included
? Clinically tested
? HAD technology (Heart Arrhythmia detection)
? 2 x 60/120(1 x 199) Data memory
? Time and date
? L-Display
? Equipped with carrying bag
? Mains adapter port
? Minimum Order Quantity:2000PCS
?Packed in Color box and 24 boxes per carton
?Measure scope: Pressure (40mmHg ~280mmHg), pulse (40~200hypo/minute)
?Measure accuracy: Pressure (±3mmHg ±0.4 kPa), Pulse within ±5%
?Measure time: about 45 sec
?Can measured Arm long:220 ~ 320 mm
?Automatic turn-off within 180sec

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