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Product Name:BP100A
Product Model:BP100A
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Arm Type Digital Blood Pressure Meter
Model: BP100A

Use of imported chips, pressure sensor and pneumatic motors, measurement with high accuracy, long life;
 Quick measured systolic blood pressure (high pressure), diastolic blood pressure (low pressure), pulse number ;
 The use of fuzzy theory, measurement, high accuracy ;
 Automatic pneumatic (pressure) and exhaust (decompression) ;
 Automatic memory 60 times the test results, test date and time for 2 persons;
 Clearly visible large-screen LCD digital display ;
3 minutes automatic shutdown ;
 Can be transaction-or quick check of all measured values ;
 Can delete all test results ;
 Optional mmHg (or kPa) blood pressure measurement units ;
Voltage 3 (V) Display LCD Digital Display;
Measuring range 20-180 (mmHg) Measurement of pulse scanning / oscillographic determination method ;
Pressure Accuracy ± 3 (mmHg) ;
Pulse accuracy of ± 5 (%) ;
Applicable to operating temperature +5- +40 (°C) exhaust means the exhaust mode automatic rapid ;
Auto-off function & Clock function;

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