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Product NameSX-380F
Product ModelSX-380F
Production brandLencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Automatic X-Ray Film Processor
Model: SX-380F

Technology Date:
1. Developed film size :5" x 7"~14" x 17"
2. Max. developing width :356mm (14")
3. Channel volume :9L
4. Developing speed :90S ~ 180S at option
5. Developing temp. :28  ~ 35  at option
6. Developing capacity :150 pcs/h
7. Power source :AC220V, 50/60Hz
8. Power : 1.8kw
9. Net weight : 90kg
10. Gross weight :155 kg
11. Packing :1340 x 750 x 1300 (L x W x H)

Product Characteristic:
1. Equipment Figure: New designed body and beautiful outlook. Taking films very expediently due films turn above.
2. Equipment Frame: Narrow frame make operate easily and break, install simply. Easy to clear, check and repair.
3. Install & Adjustment: Occupy small ground, install very freely, fit full dark room or half dark room.
4. Film-Sending Frame: For "U" shape continue rolling and no touch guide system design, no risk of film jamming or scratch and body shadow. Through full developing, fixing and washing, image make very clear and no change for long time.
5. Critical Parts: The rollers' material can resist high-temperate and crystallization. No change shape and swell for using long time.
6. Circuit Control: Microprocessor controls heating, automatic check and touch films, replenishing chemicals.
7. Energy-Saving: Keep sleep situation when no films need process after a while. Stop heating and rolling, then cut enter water. This can save energy for max limit.

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