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Product Name£ºLH-F10
Product Model£ºLH-F10
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name: Portable X-Ray Unit
Model: LH-F10

The unit is shock-proof, ray-proof, single-focus and self-rectified X-ray unit. It applies to medical fluoroscopy and radiogrphy on mouth, carity bone, heart, skull as well ascontraceptivering.
Maximum rating for fluoroscopy: 75kVp 3-5mA (uncontinuous use)
 Routine fluoroscopy condition: 65kVp 3mA
Maximum rating for radiography:
 75kVp 10mA 6sec, (interval time 3 minutes)
Power supply: AC: 220V, 50Hz,1kVA
Current:  for fluoroscopy 2A (uncontinuous)
               for radiography 6A (instantaneous)
Size of screen: 203mm X 254mm
Range of movement: up-down: 220mm, left-right: 130mm,
                                tube turining angle: vertical 360o,horizontal 320o 
Volume: 500 X 310X180mm
Weight: 25Kg

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