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Product Name£ºKH50
Product Model£ºKH50
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name: Medical X-Ray Unit (Mobile C Arm Type)
Model: KH50

Fluoroscopy: Manual, sustained tube voltage: 40KV-90KV,
sustainer tube current: 0.3mA~5mA;
Radiography : Tube voltage & current :40~60KV, 50mA ; 60~90KV, 30mA ;
Time : 0.1s ~6s ;
X-ray tube : XD6-1.1  3.5/100    Fixed anode X-ray tube with two focus ;
Large focus 2.6mm*2.6mm, small focus 1mm*1mm;
Image intensifier: 9¡± three fields of vision image intensifier;
Video Frequency Processor: Resursion noise reduction, seven memories, end frame freeze; The picture may turn level or turn over; Positive or negative picture can be choosed;
Camera: Imported CCD integrated machine;
Structure: It can be rotated within range of +90 degree;
Height movement: min. 400mm;
C-arm: front &fowrder movement: 200mm;
      Swivel (Vertical): +12.5 degree;
      Swivel (Level): +180 degree;
      Movement on orbit: 120 degree (+90 ~-90 degree)

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