DR200D High-frequency digital X-ray

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Product Name£ºDR200D High-frequency digital X-ray
Product Model£ºDR200D High-frequency digital X-ray
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name: High Frequency Digital X-Ray Unit
Model: DR200D

Stability & Reliability
Unique CCD chip cool system, no hydrogel phenomenon, ensures the working stability of the system in high humidity environment.
Unique physical design, CCD chip in the side of light-sensitive screen, reduces the possibility of radiation damage on the CCD system.
Perfect Imaging Quality
High frequency inverter technology, better X-ray quality and lower radiation dose, supply clear and contrasted Image.
Image quality and radiation dose have been effectively guaranteed to be in organic balance.
Strong platform
Professional Image system, independent of image acquisition software and image reader software, provide powerful functions and usability.
Real-time imaging technology, ensures imaging period within 4 seconds.

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