DR30 high frequency digital X-ray

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Product Name£ºDR30 high frequency digital X-ray
Product Model£ºDR30 high frequency digital X-ray
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
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Product Name: High Frequency Digital X-Ray Unit
Model: DR30

Stability & Reliability
Intelligent overload protection system, fault code display, ensure the working stability of the system.
Automatic exposure control system, guarantees Image quality and radiation to be in organic balance.
Perfect Imaging Quality
High frequency inverter technology, better X-ray quality and lower radiation dose, supply clear and contrasted Image
CsI:Tl & Amorphous silicon flat-panel detectors with international leader technology, ensure to get the higher efficient quantum detection, wilder dynamic range, better resolutions.
Strong platform
Multiple Intelligent control type, 15¡¯large LCD touch control panel, provide friendly interface.
Real-time imaging technology,fast imaging.
Superior performance
New all-electric U-arm design, ¡À 45 ¡ã horizontal rotation of the detector, provides convenient and flexible operation.
Human functional design, provides a full-featured single-plate system qualified for complete applications.

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