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Product Name:JX-100A
Product Model:JX-100A
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Ventilator
Model: JX-100A

Use for first aid and ICU,it can be use for pediatric and adult patients.
Physical Specifications:
Ventilator Dimensions:

Width:50cm   Depth: 50cm   Height: 108cm    Weight: 25Kg;
Packaging Dimensions:
Width:58cm   Depth: 85cm   Height: 122cm    Weight: 45Kg;
Electrical Specifications:
Input Voltage Requirements:

AC Voltage: 220V     Frequency: 50HZ     Power: 170 VA;
Pneumatic Specifications:
Oxygen Inlet
Pressurized Oxygen:  0.45 MPa +/-10% medical oxygen.
IEC Classification
Ordinary equipment, not protected against the ingress of liquids
Not protected/Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable
anesthetic gases.
ClassⅠ, Type B;
Tidal Volume: 0~1800ml;
Breath Rate: 5~60 bpm(1~12 bpm for SIMV);
PEEP: 0~2Kpa;
%O2: 45~100%;
Sigh: 1 per 100 breath;
Inspiratory Time: 0.5~3sec;
Exp. Hold Time: 0~1sec;
Trigger Level: -1~0kpa;
Over Pressure Relief: ≤6kpa;
High Pressure Alarm Limit: 2~6kpa, flash, red indicator ;
Low Pressure Alarm Limit: 0. 2~2kpa, Red indicator;
High Minute Volume Alarm Limit: 10~30L ,flash, Red indicator;
Low Minute Volume Alarm Limit: 1~10L, flash, Red indicator;
High Rate Alarm Limit: 30~59bpm, flash, Red indicator;
Apnea interval: 15, 30, 45, 60second flash, Red indicator;
Alarm Silence: 60 sec. Max;
Power: Red indicator;
Insp. Phase: Green indicator;
Exp. Phase: Green indicator;
IPPV Mode: Green indicator;
IPPV+SIGH: Green indicator;
SIPPV: Green indicator;;
SIMV: Green indicator;
MANUAL: Green indicator;

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