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Product Name:7A-23B
Product Model:7A-23B
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Electrical Suction Machine
Model: 7A-23B

Adopting oil-free piston pump;
Clean-without pollution of oil and smoke;
Convient: no need add oil to maintaindaily;
Safe: no plus pressure during using;
No regorging: keep pressure when the machine stiops, so the liquid won’t flow backwards;
Techinical Data:
Max negative pressure: ≥ 0.09Mpa;
Noise: ≤ 60dB(A);
Power: 120VA;
Pumping Rate: ≥ 20L/min;
Reservoiry capacity: 2500ml/pc, 2pieces.

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