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Product Name:S-5000
Product Model:S-5000
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Fetal Monitor
Model: S-5000

S-5000 super-working system fetal monitor. It's used to monitor the Fetal Heart Rate, TOCO and fetal movement, and can be widely used in hospital and private obstetrician’s office. It can give doctor the basic information of fetal.
?  12.1 Large-screen Color TFT Display
?  Light Weight and Portable, Easy Operation Mode
?  Maximum 11 Hours Storage and Replay of Monitoring Data
?  Built-in High-capacity Battery, Up to 7 Hours Working Time
?  Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technique is Applied for Real-time Calculation and Mode Identification;
?  High-sensitive Probe, Excellent Signal/Noise Rate and Calculation Accuracy Enable to Monitor Fetus More Safely
?  Intellectualized Voice/Light Alarms Accurately Transmit Diseases
?  Built-in Recorder, Able to Print or Store Waveforms and Monitoring Status at Real Time
?  Network Capability, Compatible with Obstetric Central Monitoring System
Standard Configuration:   ◆FHR  ◆TOCO  ◆FM
Optional Configuration:   ◆Build-in Printer  ◆Twins
Physical Specification:   Weight: 6kg, Dimension: 320 x 170 x 280mm

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