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Product Name:ECG-8903A
Product Model:ECG-8903A
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Three Channel Digital ECG Machine
Model: ECG8903A

Three channel, 12 lead, AC/ built in rechargeable battery
Technical Specification:
Input Circuit: Isolated; protection against pace making and defibrillation;
Input Circuit Current: Max50nA; Input Impedance: Min50MΩ;
Skin Voltage Tolerance: +300Mv; Calibrating Voltage: 1mV + 3%;
Sensitivity: 5, 10,20mm/mV;
Filter: AC:50Hz(-20dB); EMG: 35~45Hz(-3dB);
Paper speed: 25, 50mm/s + 3%; Time Constant: Min3.2s;
Noise Level: Max 15μV(p-p);
Frequency Response: 0.1~75Hz(-3dB);
CMRR: Min100dB; Sampling rate: 1.25ms;
A/D Converter: 12bit
Operation Mode: Auto/Manual; Printer: Thermal array printer;
Rhythm Lead: Standard 12 lead; Lead change: Automatic/Manual;
External Signal: 10mm/mV +5%; Single ended: Min 100KΩ;
ECG Output: 0.5V/mV +5%; Single ended: Max: 100KΩ;
Safety level: Class I, Type CF;
AC Power: 220V,50Hz and with rechargeable battery;

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