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Product Name:XL-400
Product Model:XL-400
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details
Product Name: Blood Bank Model: XL-400 Material: Good quality cold rolled steel plate, powder coated; Imported worldwide famous high accurancy computer-controlled temperature system, which keeps the inside temperature at 4oC+ 1oC; The forced cold-air circulation system with intelligence-contro fan can minimise the temperature difference at + 1oC; Imported high-performance compressor, fan, temperature sensor, temperature indicaor and other electronic elements to ensure the good quality; Double vacumme glass door to minimise the loss of temperature; higher and lower temperature alrm system with light and sound; euqipped with wheels which can be locked. Can be equipped wih printer and power cut off alarming system according to customers request. Technical Data: Volume: 400L; Power: 220V+ 10%; Temperature: 4oC+ 1oC; Tempareature difference: + 1oC; Enviroment Temperaure: 4oC~35oC; Alarming Temperature: T>7oC or T<3oC;

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