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Product Name:ZD-1
Product Model:ZD-1
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Luxus Cold Light Exam Light
Model: ZD-01

As auxiliary lighting equipment, the ZD-1 diagnostic light is appropriate for medical examinations and clinic surgeries etc.
All this key parts are used world famous brand, the stability and reliability can be guaranteed.
Technical parameter:
Luminance: 30000Lx at 100cm distance;
Color Temperature: 3600+ 200K;
Color rendering index: Ra ≥90;
Infrared ray absorption rate: 95%;
Height adjustable from 1200mm to 2000mm;
Main Voltage: AC110~220V + 22V,  50/60Hz;
Rated Power/Voltage of Bulb: 35W/12V;
Bulb service life: 4000h;
Suitable illumination distance: 300~800mm;.
Package Size: 91x47x10cm, carton;
Net Weight: 3KG;  Gross Weight: 8KG;

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