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Product Name:JLB-600M
Product Model:JLB-600M
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Integrated Operation Lamp
Model: JLB600M


1. Itensity of light (at the distance of 1 meter) Lux: 150,000;
2. Color temperature: 4,500 + 500K;
3. Adjustment range of illumanated field: dia. 100~300mm;
4. Depth of the light beam: ≥700mm;
5. Light adjustment: 20 grade stepless;adjustment;
6. CRI: Ra ≥96%;
7. Infrared ray absorptivity: 99%;
8. Dimeter of lamphead: dia. 600mm
9. Bulb voltage:24V,;
10. Automatic shift between major and standby light bulb: ≤3 seconds;
11. Service life of the bulb: 1000hours;
12. Power Supply: ~220V/50Hz  ~110V, 60Hz;
13. Power Consumtion: 200W;
14 .The lowerest ceiling height for installation: 2800mm;

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