HCS-20-YE Electronic

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Product Name:HCS-20-YE Electronic
Product Model:HCS-20-YE Electronic
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Digital Baby Scale
Model: HCS-20-YE

Work temperature: 5-40℃;
Environmental humidity:< 90%;
The Max. capacity :20kg;
Weigh minimumly :50g;
Minimum graduation value:5g;
Precision: Accord with the balance standard of OIML Ⅲ grade;
With calibration adjust and tare weight adjust function;
5 Digits LCD display;
Turn off: Automatic shut-down of 10 minutes;
Overloading: display show " -- ------";
Rechargable battery backup time: over 24 hours;
Pack the size outside :55×33.5×24.5cm;
Gross weight :4.3kg;    
Net weight:3.8kg ;
Power supply : AC220v/DC6v adaptor ;

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