LNY-Z Zironia Milling Machine

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Product Name:LNY-Z Zironia Milling Machine
Product Model:LNY-Z Zironia Milling Machine
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Zirconia Milling Machine
Model: LNY-Z


1. The Japanese mande brushless handpieces, long service life;
2. Low operation noise;
3. High torque and high power, suitable to different hardness of zironia mlocks;
4. Small vibration, high precision;
5. High quality drill and reader;
6. The worktable and plate can rotate 360 degree, 5-axis zircronia milling machine can process any points of the denture model;
7. Permanent and universal working plate, save materials and easy to fix zirconia blocks;
8. High efficiency dust extraction system;
9. Adjstbale milling speed, adjustable air blow device;
10. Suitable to difference size of zirconia block (including 98mm diameter disc);

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