L1-ZL3A Induction Casting Machine

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Product Name:L1-ZL3A Induction Casting Machine
Product Model:L1-ZL3A Induction Casting Machine
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Induction Casting Machine (Digital Display)
Model: L1-ZL3A

The L1-ZL3A Medium Frequency Induction Casting Machine is used for casting alloys in prosthetic dentistry and oral orthopedics. It can be used for refractory alloy melting and investment casting in all fields of dentistry. This machine can be used to deal with special structured removable denture, metal bases of casting crowns, metal-porcelain crowns, and all kinds of clamps. The medium frequency casting machine is the updated version of the high frequency casting machine, so it has all the features of a high frequency casting machine. Furthermore, it has the following advantages:
1. The medium frequency casting machine has an advanced all-transistor  circuitry, which makes it a highly efficient, low power consumption and low power rating (2.5kW) machine.
2. No preheating is needed, melting and casting can start immediately after the machine is turned on, the interval between melting and casting is two minutes.
3. The machine can work under the voltage of 220V±10%.
4. Low working voltage and low high-frequency radiation makes it safer and more reliable.
5. It is a compact machine with a small size and low weight.
Voltage:220V/50Hz±10%, Power:2500W;
Centrifugal rotational speed:550rpm;
Maximum melting amount:50g(Co-Cr Alloy) ;
Melting duration:30g≤65s(standard), Casting radius:21cm,
Casting Method:Induction casting, Cooling method:Air cooled, Motor power:370W
Dimensions:52×52×93cm, Package size:61×60×111cm, Weight:120Kg

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