L1-YMC Alginate mixer

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Product Name:L1-YMC Alginate mixer
Product Model:L1-YMC Alginate mixer
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Alginate Mixer
Model: L1-YMC


Release your hand,Enjoy your special “car”!
L1-YMC 3 Mixer is our third generation alginate mixer, the first semi-automatic alginate mixer on the domestic market. This equipment is used for making false teeth; it replaces the handwork of mixing the Impression Material. It has characteristics of labor-saving, fast, well mix and less bubble. This new type with a high-end food control, you can adjust the speed by your foot. It will bring you excellent experience.
Scope of application:
The unit is used to mix alginate for making dentures model.
Main parameters:
Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz±1Hz or AC 110V, 60Hz;
Speed: you can adjust the speed as you like from 0-300rpm, just like driving car, and control your accelerator
Regular alarm:
After mixing 20S it will have beep sound and alarm light will flash to warn user using the alginate immediately, or it dries.
Stop working if overload: When the motor overloaded, the unit will stop working automatically after 3S, press Start key to working again.
Gross weight: 2.0 KG
Size: 280*230*230 mm
New foot control system will release your hands.

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