ROOT-V Apex Locator & PulpTester

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Product Name:ROOT-V Apex Locator & PulpTester
Product Model:ROOT-V Apex Locator & PulpTester
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Apex Locator & Plup Tester
Model: ROOT-V

1.Root canal apec finder and pulp vital measurement;
2.Wide color LCD screen operaion simple and friendly interface;
3. Fifth generation multi-frequency design for wet or dry accurance, adjsutment-free;
4. Accurate current-stabilized generate technology, exact result of pulp vitality testing;
5. Progressive audio signal combined with on-screen graphics;
6.Chargeable battery;
Power: 110-220V, 50/60Hz;
Class II Type B
Charging time: 3 hours;
Protection from electric shock type BF;
Display: color LCD screen, buzzer

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