ROOT-B Apex Locator

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Product Name:ROOT-B Apex Locator
Product Model:ROOT-B Apex Locator
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Apex Locator
Model: ROOT-B

Measure the working length of the tooth by DC resistance, accurate result even in dry or wet ambient, double display;
Precision: 0.1mm;
Dectective precision: the tolance of corresponding DC resistance will be no more than +10% when display abpve value;
Sonar alert: when the value is less than 0.5, there will be sonar alert;
Power range: AC110V/220V, DC8.5-9.2V;
Continuous working time: non-stop working time will no less than 2 hours when the battery is full;
The accessories can be sterilized with high temperature, prevent the patients from cross infection.

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