G6 Amalgamator

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Product Name:G6 Amalgamator
Product Model:G6 Amalgamator
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Amalgamator
Model: G6


1.Apply the scope:
The machine can treat teeth, and blending silver amalgam capsules.

2.The function of machine:
   a). Power voltage: AC  220V  50HZ
   b). Motor power:  40W
   c). Blending speed: 2800rpm for low speed, 4500rpm for high speed;
   d). Range of timer: 0-99s
   e). Noise level: less than 65db(A)
   f). Gross weight: 2.7kg
   g). Size: 300×255×240MM

Part list:
1). Main frame               1set
2). Quality Certificate      1piece
3). Spring                   2pcs
4). Fuse                     2pcs
5). Cramp                    1set

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