DEN7W Mini Dental Diode Laser

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Product Name:DEN7W Mini Dental Diode Laser
Product Model:DEN7W Mini Dental Diode Laser
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Mini Dental Diode Laser
Model: DEN7W


Wavelength: 810nm;
Maximum power: 7W;
Operation mode: continue or Pulse
Pulse duration: 1ms-1s;
Repetition rate: 0.5Hz-0.5KHz
Transmission system: Fibers of 200um ,400um and 600um with SMA905 connector
Pilot Beam: Red Diode laser of 635nm, power<5mW
Control mode: micro touch key
Voltage/Current Rating: AC100~240V/1A,50/60Hz, or DC5V10A , or Charged
 Dimensions: 200(W)*120(L)*65(H) mm;   Weight: <1.8Kg
1. 1pcs  fibers;                  2. 1pc Fiber cutter;
3. 1pcs Safty Goggle;              4. 1pc Dental Handpieces;
5. 1pc Foot Switch

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