HPL01 High Speed LED Handpieces

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Product Name:HPL01 High Speed LED Handpieces
Product Model:HPL01 High Speed LED Handpieces
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: High Speed LED Handpieces
Model: HPL01

E-Generator LED Dental handpiece brings light to dental offices that have been using handpieces those do not have the light on the tip. It has an internal power motor that is air-driven, which supplies LED lighting to the tip of the handpiece, so dental professionals can view the operation area without outside light. In fact this SY lighting system is even more focused and bright than most fiber optic systems.
 The pricing, as we are manufacture, sells even lower than most other regular high speed handpieces. It also weighs less than most others. Some other features are below for your reference.
1. Self-sufficient power system instead of external light source. Self-illuminated, natural light
2. Operating air pressure: 0.25-0.3Mpa (0.3MPa preferred)
3. Air consumption: 55L/min
4 Above 300,000 r.p.m for standard head
5. Ceramic Bearings: Quieter and longer life
6. Push button
7. Triple water spray
8. Sterilization by autoclave at (135) Centigrade
9. Unenclosed Cartridge
10. Noise level: Less than 68 dB
11. Chucking power: 20-45N
12. Net weight: 88g

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