BJA-XP Semi-Auto Dental X-Ray Film

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Product Nameú║BJA-XP Semi-Auto Dental X-Ray Film
Product Modelú║BJA-XP Semi-Auto Dental X-Ray Film
Production brandú║Lencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Semi-Auto Dental X-Ray Film Processor
Model: BJA-XP

Characteristic of the machine:
1. Open-room operation, small volume,lower noise, simple operation, safe, fast and durable;
2. Classified as wall mounted model and desk top model;
3. Mute-film developing disposal may be competed when the developer and fixer is at 18~25 degree;
4. One place of film enters per 30 seconds fo rmulti-film developing disposal, and the development may last 2~8 minutes, and this may be integrally adjusted in accordance with the exposure conditions of x-ray machine;
5. Multiple films of 2x3, 3x4 and 2.7x5.4cm may be applicable for the treatment of development;
6. It is convenient to regularity maintain this machine, and no tools is required to replace chemical solutions and wash relatable parts.
7. option: heater
Techenical Parameter:
Power: 220V+ 10%, 50~60Hz;      Input power: 12W (Max);
Film run through time: 2-8 min;     Defend grade: IP21;
Net Weight: 7.5KG;               Dimension: 42x19x45cm

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