L1-V4 Halogen Curing Light

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Product Name£ºL1-V4 Halogen Curing Light
Product Model£ºL1-V4 Halogen Curing Light
Production brand£ºLencen Medical
   Product details

Product Name: Table Top Halgon Curing Light
Model: L1-V4

10-90 sec adjustable time setting with audible beeps after every 10 seconds;
? 0-10 sec adjustable start time setting with an audible beep when switch from the soft to the strong light output;
? Compact design;
? High efficient fan for continuous cool operation;
? 8mm tip rotates 360'c for ease to use;
? Switch power source ensures a constant light output that do not affected   by the power surges and lengthens the lifetime of the Halogen lamp.
Power Consumption: 75W

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