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Product Name:L1-D130(1)
Product Model:L1-D130(1)
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Portable Dental Unit
Model: L1-D130

The L1-D130 is a fully self-contained electric dental system. Quick and easy to set up and operate. Ready for travel.

Standard Features:
One high speed, one low speed handpieces tube;
3-Way syringe;
Low Volume Evacuation;
Self contained water supply;
Self contained oil less compressor;
On/Off foot switch;
Easily transported with pull-out handle and wheels;
110V/220V compatible, oil less compressor, 580W & 7L tank capacity;
Noise level: less than 50dB when air compressor working;

Optional Features:
LED Curing Light;
Ultrasonic Scaler

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