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Product Name:L1-600Y
Product Model:L1-600Y
Production brand:Lencen Medical
   Product details

Italy designed electrically controlled by a foot pedal, with memory position, touch pad button, double
articulating headrest, the head rest shall be capable of being securely locked in any desired position,
seamless vacuum formed upholstery, thin profile contoured backrest,
Standard features:
Dental chair with one doctor stool 1 set
LED Dental Operation Light 1set
Dental handpieces tubing 3 sets
3-way syringe (hot & cold water) 2 sets
High power suction 1 set
Automatic cup filler and spittoon flush system 1 set
Movable Assistant Stand with assistant control system 1 set
Amalgam collector 1 set
Imported handpieces; Built-in ultrasonic scaler & LED curing light;
Endoscope system; Oiless air compressor
Technical data:
Power voltage: ~110V-220V, 50~60Hz;
Air pressure: 0.55~0.8MPa;
Water pressure: 0.2~0.4MPa;

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