T204A Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher

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Product Name:T204A Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher
Product Model:T204A Luxurious Hydraulic Stretcher
Production brand:Lencen Medical
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Product Name: Luxurus Hydraulic Stretcher
Model: T204A

Size: 1930x700x630/930mm;
Material: The cart is made of imported PE plastic and imported hydraulic rise and fall system.
The cart adopts international advanced central-control brake system. Dustproof Φ200mm caster makes the cart move steadily, reliably and lightly. Rise-and-fall, trend and rev. Trend are avaliably according to medical personnel’s requirement. Seperated structure, the upper section adopts imported pneumatic spring as support force source. Operate easily and conveniently.

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